How to clean a keyboard : 3 Easy solution

Do you want to know how to clean a keyboard easily? 

Then you can find the answer here.

Keyboards of a laptop or desktop are a very crucial part of it. You can clean them at home after following some easy tricks.

You can use different soft and smooth materials to clean the dust or to clean a dirty keyboard. But If you have to know the process of cleaning then you have to go through the whole article carefully. Then you can get a clear idea about how to clean a keyboard.

Which instruments do you have to use to clean a keyboard? 

To buy a keyboard brush is not a very important thing. 

  • You can use other materials like makeup brush or paint brush. 
  • You have to use a toothpick made of rubber.
  •  A mascara brush is able to help you in this place. 
  • Very important tool to clean a keyboard is cotton swab

3 easy ways to clean a keyboard at home : 

You have to follow some tricks if you want to clean your keyboard of a laptop or desktop at home.

use baby wipes :

To clean a keyboard you can use baby wipes. It’s very easy to use.

Try Alcohol to clean a keyboard :

Alcohol is a perfect cleaner. If you want to clean your laptop keyboard very clearly and want to remove dust from it then it can be your best solution. You have to take a soft cloth or cotton with it.

Use vinegar serum :

Vinegar is always known as a popular cleaner. You have to take a cloth or cotton. Then use vinegar carefully to the keyboard with that soft cloth or cotton.

Final word:

You can clean a keyboard at any time at home if you can follow these tricks.The keyboard is a very crucial part for a laptop or desktop.

You have to know the process and then you can easily clean the keyboard. This content will help you to know the tricks about how to clean a keyboard.

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